Swansea MAD are passionate about Youth and Community Work and believe that all people’s voices should be amplified and that they should have the opportunity to be themselves and thrive. 

Our work is always in coalition with young people and community members, non-judgemental and asset-based in our approach; educative, participative, expressive, inclusive and empowering. It is aligned with the Youth Work in Wales: Principles and Purposes, The Youth Work Strategy for Wales, the National Occupational Standards, the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and the Children and Young People’s National Participation Standards.

We love Youth and Community Work! We believe that as a grassroots, anti-poverty, anti-racist Youth and Community charity, we MUST be intolerant of discrimination and injustice and speak out against inequity, to drive social justice, working with young people and communities who are marginalised by systemic oppression to dismantle structures which support discrimination. It is then that Youth and Community Work will lead to meaningful change for empowered young people and communities. 

We believe that Youth and Community Workers are inspirational and should be valued and respected. They should have the opportunity of training and development, have a voice in decisions affecting Youth and Community Work and be paid a fair wage. This will promote equitable routes into Youth and Community Work and mean that young people and communities have support from Youth and Community Workers with varying identities and lived experiences. 

If you share our values and passion for Youth and Community Work, please contact us!