Wildfire Collection – Laura Ruth

Following the successful installation of Lois’ work in the front office, we are so excited to have another incredible artist Laura Ruth displaying her Wildfire Collection of Paintings in the training room at Swansea MAD.

Laura Ruth at her exhibition at Swansea MAD

Laura Ruth is a local artist based in Southwest Wales, who has served others in the UK and around the globe. She has worked as: a missionary, Chaplain, Itinerant Minister, Humanitarian Aid Worker, Motivational Speaker and a Registered Social Worker in Child Protection and Mental Health. Laura’s paintings are inspired and have resulted from her travels, work and experiences in these roles places across Africa, South America and Asia. “The joys and pain of Laura’s so-called mental illness, known as Schizoaffective Disorder”, are also captured in her artwork; images of hope, life and disaster feature predominantly in her contemporary pieces.

As well as being an artist, Laura is also an author of the book Wildfire: Mission and Madness. Her artwork, which features in her book, is tied very closely and reflects the stories told in her book. These stories are personal to Laura, and she discusses accounts “of overcoming stigma and shame that often accompanies those who live with a severe mental health condition. It is a story about defying the odds and taking an active role in making this world a better place.” Wildfire: Mission and Madness talks about her life experiences, work and mental illness in a way which she hopes will inspire others to talk about issues without fear or feeling ashamed.

When asked why she wanted to exhibit at Swansea MAD, Laura said she wanted to collaborate with a charity that supports people in the arts within my local community. We are extremely pleased to be the first location to display Laura’s lovely work, and we hope we will not be the last.

If you’re interested in buying any work by Laura Ruth, she sells her art on an Etsy: www.etsy.com/uk/shop/wildfireartstudioGB and a Teemill page: www.wildfire-5.teemill.com

You can also read about her work via her website: www.lauraruthwildfire.com

Or follow her via her socials:

Facebook: Laura Ruth – Wildfire.
Instagram: lauraruthwildfire and wildfireartstudiogb

If you are an artist and would like to display your art in the coming months with Swansea MAD please contact us via: phoebe@madswansea.com