“Walking in Swansea” – Yang Xinyu

We are thrilled to be featuring the work of artist Yang Xinyu at Swansea MAD. 

Born in Hubei, China, Yang Xinyu is now studying at UWTSD for a doctorate in art. His work has participated in competitions and has won many awards such as the first prize in the “Harmony and Response Future Artist Nomination Awards”. He has been published in art magazines such as  “Gallery Magazine” on multiple occasions.

Featured on three 30 x 40 cm canvases and using acrylic paint, his exhibition Walking in Swansea is all about his experience in the city. He wants to show Swansea through the eyes of a Chinese person. He did not use realistic techniques to paint the scenery as he believes that cartoon elements and abstraction help to express his view of a more authentic and inner Swansea.

Don’t miss your chance to see the exhibition at Swansea MAD before the end of March!

If you would like to showcase your art at Swansea MAD office, please contact: sam@madswansea.com.