Unveiling the Beauty Within: Gemma Beynon’s Art at Swansea MAD

Explore the amazing art of Gemma Beynon at Swansea MAD! She’s a talented Welsh artist from Bridgend, South Wales. Gemma’s paintings focus on our relationships with others, our surroundings, and ourselves. Her works use magical ideas and stories to reveal hidden meanings and surprises. The main theme is all about love and accepting ourselves and others.

One of her paintings, “Beryl/Willow/Clara and Jo,” is inspired by a Japanese practice called Kintsugi. It’s about fixing broken pottery with gold. Just like the pottery becomes stronger and beautiful with gold, Gemma’s art shows how our traumas make us stronger too. Our scars are part of our story, and we can still be loved and strong despite feeling broken at times.

Gemma’s art encourages us to embrace our imperfections and recognize our worth. Love and acceptance can heal us and make us stronger. So, let’s appreciate the beauty within us and others as we admire Gemma’s wonderful artworks at Swansea MAD!

You can see more of Gemma’s paintings on her instagram @gembeynon and the website www.gemmabeynon.com.

If you too are interested in displaying your art for free at Swansea MAD please contact: sam@madswansea.com.