Swansea Co-Production Network is a network of people interested in working co-productively with Swansea Council to ensure services are focused on supporting people to live good lives.

Swansea MAD provides support for the Swansea Co-Production Network to enable them to do this. 

Our approach is underpinned by the values of co-production; building equal, reciprocal relationships of trust and shared power and responsibility, dismantling structures of ‘them and us’ and recognising that everyone has a vital contribution to make in order to improve the quality of life for people and communities. 

Swansea MAD’s role includes: 

  • Arranging meetings and venues 
  • Taking minutes, sending out emails and communications
  • Sharing information with and across the Swansea Co-Production Network
  • Making the Swansea Co-Production Network members aware of available training
  • Ensuring individual co-producers are not overloaded with commitments
  • Making sure that individual co-producers have an opportunity to access support, if required 

You can join the Swansea Co-Production Network by emailing Geraint Turner – geraint@madswansea.com