• Understand your impact on the environment
  • Know what resources are available to support you to reduce your impact on the environment.

1. Watch the video

This lesson is to give you an introduction to the impact we are all having on the environment.  Watch the following video and make notes on what you see.


2. Use the carbon footprint calculator

 Click the button below to open the carbon footprint calculator to calculate your carbon footprint.


3. Check out Swansea environment centres website

The environment center is a community hub inspiring positive action for a greener and healthier future. The Environment Centre has been championing environmental action in Swansea for 25 years. Have a look around their website to see how you can get involved with them today.


4. Take the Environment Quiz 

Just a few questions to show use that you understand the contents of the course.  Don’t worry,  if you don’t pass first time,  you can try again and if you require help,  we are here for you. 


Environment Quiz

[qsm quiz=1]