Sarah Evans presents “Feminine Spark Light Prosaction”

Sarah Evans’ paintings are being displayed at the front of the Swansea MAD office. Her abstract works, intended to show the ebb and flow of life; are full of energy and colour. 

The six pieces are titled: “Supernova by Daylight”, “Heart Pharmacy”, “Coloured Oak Apples”,  “Prickled Owl” “Woven Sky Spheres” and “Lotus Smiles” brilliantly combine art and spirituality. Sarah says that her intention with this exhibit is to inspire and to uplift the observer. Her work conveys the ups and downs of life using attractive patterns and burnished effects, she wants people to take a moment to pause and wonder.

Sarah’s work is essential for anyone who is interested in spirituality or loves abstract colourful  pieces of art.

Sarah’s work will be in the office until June 27th, do please Pop down to the Swansea MAD office to have a look while you still can!

If you would like to exhibit your artwork for free in the Swansea MAD office please email: