“Person’s life and feelings”

Come to Swansea MAD and explore “Person’s life and feelings” by Natalia Kostyleva.

Natalia Kostyleva is a professional artist born in Russia. She had a wide experience learning arts at Fine Art Studio, Art School and Art College. She prefers the classic realistic style but, what sets Natalia apart, is her special gift for showing how people feel by painting them in different places and situations. 

This time she is exhibiting 3 watercolor paintings that represent a person’s internal feelings which may not be noticeable by everyone else.

  1. “The poisonous protector” shows a man with a snake on his shoulder, suggesting that sometimes the things that seem to protect us can sometimes poison our relationship with the world
  2. “The couple” represents a lady in the dark forest carrying a hairless cat on her shoulders. It suggests that even during difficult moments, unexpected companionship can offer comfort and support.
  3. “The Lilies” has a lady floating on water with lilies around her. It gives a feeling of calm and being at peace with nature, showing how feeling calm inside can be like feeling connected to the world around us.

It’s important to note that this is our interpretation and may not necessarily reflect Natalia’s original intent. Art often invites various perspectives and meanings and we invite you to make up your own message that resonates with your story.

Natalia’s work will be on display at Swansea MAD until December 1st 2023. In the meantime, if you want to see more of Natalia’s work, you can find her on Instagram: @natalia.fluki.

If you would like to showcase your art at the Swansea MAD office for free, please contact: sam@madswansea.com.