New Exhibition – Ray of Hope

We are delighted to be hosting a new exhibition of artwork at Swansea MAD, by local artist and illustrator Amy Jackson. 

Amy is a freelance illustrator, specialising in a pointillism style often depicting social and environmental issues in new and exciting ways. Working in a pointillist style with pen and ink, Amy’s designs are created with a mixture of digital and traditional techniques, resulting in thousands of dots to create meaningful pieces. Each piece can take anywhere from ten minutes to hundreds of hours.

Amy is currently working on an NHS portrait series, highlighting the diligent and attentive work from the NHS staff during the pandemic. This series is heavily inspired by the pandemic and the loss and destruction that it has brought upon our lives. The past year has shone a light and proven how important the NHS is, and always has been. Each portrait in the series takes anywhere from 50 hours to over 200 hours to complete and consists of thousands of dots.

The exhibition is open at Swansea MAD Tuesday – Thursday (10am-4pm) and will be displayed until 26th October. 
To find out more about Amy’s artwork, please visit