New Exhibition: Abstract By Design – Mike Leahy

We are pleased to be hosting a new exhibition of artwork at Swansea MAD, by Mike Leahy.

“I paint what I personally like, not hidden messages, just for enjoyment. My philosophy is that you can love or hate my work, your choice but I hope you see it as something that may be a focal point in your living or work areas; a painting that can bring you energy or mindfulness, excitement or stimulation that makes you think.”

Mike works fast and is full of energy. Once his canvas is stretched over the canvas frame and given two coats of primer, he considers what colours will mix and which might clash. Then, using brushes, palette knives and other tools, he lays the background – usually no more than two colours. He then lays wide bands of paint allowing the colours to blend; each stroke is spontaneous and not pre-planned, giving a raw edginess. Once dry, other layers are added, each usually finer and narrower than the previous and often finishing with a subtle addition of sprayed colours. The painting is usually given two coats of varnish which enhances and enriches the colours and helps preserve them from sunlight.

Abstract By Design will be displayed at Swansea MAD until 11th April 2022.