“Natural Connections” by Pamella Gomes

Come to Swansea MAD and have a look at Pamella’s “Natural Connections” exhibition. Inspired by her eclectic experiences of being in the world, Pamella Gomes broadens her artistic practice into a multidisciplinary, endless, and active experiment. Her exploration of what it means to be is also led by philosophical and cultural research (especially Buddhist and Amazonian ways of living). One of the key ideas that marvel her is “interbeing”, and this is where Gomes finds the links between art and audience and life itself, the everything in-between.

Her reflections on how art changes the way we interact with the world tend to grow towards performative art, Gomes nourishes an idea and gives it a space and time to flourish in the presence of a specific site and/or the audience. Aiming to allow for experiences which are ephemeral and all-encompassing, to flow through therefore communicating the feeling of interbeing. 

Gomes’ ideas keep being recycled and filtered through a variety of mediums and formats including photography, video, books, installation, painting, drawing, sculpture, and sound. This is a way to explore how different mediums have the capability to connect to each other, to the artist and to the audience, whilst keeping the process of making an exciting learning experience. 

In Natural Connections she presents a collection of recent works, it is a projection of the ideas in her mind onto the gallery. The active paintings represent her memories of nature, especially of trees. As one of the most widely available elements of the natural (and urban) world, trees make for a powerful visual image. 

Growing out of the soil, an ancient message of life is sent from the roots…listen to your roots…

As someone who has moved to different countries throughout her life, it became difficult to remain in touch with her roots from back in Brazil. The natural world soothes that feeling of alienation and inspires her to keep tracing connections wherever she goes, across her memories and the present moment. 

Pamella’s work can be seen on her Instagram account @pamella.f.p.gomes and will be on display at Swansea MAD until November 10th 2023 so don’t miss your chance to come and see it.

If you would like to display your art at the Swansea MAD office for free then please contact: sam@madswansea.com.