Megan Stapley: Faces Through Feminism

Come down to Swansea MAD and take a look at a wonderful new exhibition by 17 year old artist Megan Stapley from Gowerton. Megan has just finished studying Art and Design Level 3 at Llwyn a Bryn Gower College and will begin her Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design this September. Her exhibition features five brilliant pieces: Security, The Sun, Fairy, Butterfly Earrings and Smoking Read Hair. All five are acrylic paintings on canvases. The name of the exhibition is Faces Through Feminism.

The two main themes of Megan’s work are feminism and spirituality. Megan cares passionately about feminism and the basis of her work is to empower women and show their beauty as well as how they are seen in society. Spirituality is also a big part of her life and work as she practices through the use of crystals and tarot cards. One of the pieces in this exhibition is done in the style of a tarot card.

Megan’s work can be seen on her Instagram account art_by_megann and purchased through her Dpop account meganstapley3 and will be on display at Swansea MAD until November 1st 2023 so don’t miss your chance to come and see it.

If you would like to display your art at the Swansea MAD office for free then please contact: