Lose Yourself in the Moment, the Music.

I started to listen to music more as I grew up and lost interest in toy cars and model planes. Looking back it’s difficult to describe but it was the music’s ability to transport me to another place as well as helping me face challenges in my life. I would probably say getting into music helped me make more positive decisions. Everybody listens to music in their own way but we can all agree it helps us. One of the reasons we started Swansea MAD was to help people get into music or to take their music further. 

We run regular DJ classes in our space using vinyl and record decks and also digital DJing using a DJ controller and digital tracks. Many people start getting into music learning to DJ. Learning the art of the selector, building playlists and keeping people on the dance floor. Taking people on a journey into sound: beats, rhythm and breaks. Learning how to mix tracks together to create new tunes. Learning how to scratch, beatmatch and drop tracks into a mix. Understanding the beats to the bar and how tracks are structured. 

Some people stay in this zone while others choose to explore music production either from DJing, playing tracks or want to get into music production because they already sing, play instrument(s) or write lyrics. People end up doing music production because they want to make their own tracks. They want to learn how to use a DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation) to record and edit tracks, make their own beats, record their own vocals and instruments, so they can dance to their own music as well as other peoples. 

You can learn the art of DJing and music production with us progressing from a beginner to an advanced operator. This usually depends on the amount of time and effort you put into your craft and the challenges you face while you develop your skills. As well as helping you to learn new techniques and skills we can support your development through mentoring and helping you network. Our trustees and stakeholders include people who have experienced or are still working in the music industry as well as having an in-depth historical knowledge of the local music scene and the people involved. Helping to know what’s been before is useful when going forward. 

Pop into the office to chat with us about what training programmes we have on offer.

-Stuart Sumner-Smith