Swansea MAD are pleased to be a partner of Laptops4Learning – .

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought existing inequalities into sharp focus, and this is no more apparent than in what has become known as the “digital divide”. People who cannot afford to purchase digital devices are cut off from access to remote learning and easy communication with the outside world.   

Laptops4Learning are experts in secure data erasure on and off-site to HMG Infosec 5 Enhanced standard and repairers of tech, from hand-held through to server.

They work with large organisations, taking their surplus tech, and repurpose and deploy through charities and local authorities. As expert repairers, they achieve high yields from surplus technology, with items beyond economical repair broken down for spares, making more devices available for those in need. 

Learn more about the device journey and how Laptops4Learning #LeaveNoTrace with their environmentally sustainable offer.