Jemma Morris- JemJam’s Kitchen

Hi, my name is Jemma. I was registered disabled in 2019 due to various health conditions leaving me fairly housebound and socially anxious.

I became involved with Swansea MAD in 2020 during the pandemic, wanting to do something to help young people being affected by the isolation of lockdown. 

I enjoy cooking and often make home-made gifts for people when my health allows, so the idea of sharing some cooking skills seemed like a good idea and was exactly the motivation that I needed.

I was nervous at first about making a video- I had no real idea about video editing but Swansea MAD made it easier for this to become a reality, editing simple clips taken on my phone at home to create a visual masterpiece!

Volunteering in this way is perfect for me as it done within the safety of my own home, and when my health allows. I have also had the chance to develop my own cooking skills, and the positive feedback I have received has boosted my confidence.

It is not easy living with both physical and mental disabilities but creating these videos somehow makes me feel less isolated and that I’m giving something back to my community.

Jemma Morris- Creator of JemJam’s Kitchen