In Touch With Nature – Art by Paul Dozie Uwakwe

Swansea MAD are proud to support local artists to display their work in our office. We are very excited to be displaying the art of Paul Dozie Uwakwe at Swansea MAD until the new year. Dozie is a Nigerian author, project manager, lawyer, and artist. He expresses his inner intuitions of landscapes and nature scenes on canvas using acrylic paint and coloured pencils. His creations transmit a variety of messages while also displaying his appreciation for nature. Some are hyper-realistic as he also experiments with other forms of art. He desires to capture the beauty of “Mother Nature” via his paintings. He aims to help save the environment through his art.

His exhibition is entitled ‘In Touch with Nature’. It is impossible to adequately depict the beauty of Mother Nature. The goal of this exhibition is to raise awareness of some of the breathtaking natural sceneries that the artist has captured via “experiences, inspirations, and feelings while including a variety of themes”. Dozie hopes that with the help of this exhibition, “people might be motivated to protect their environment and preserve Mother Nature’s beauty in an effort to improve the world”.

Dozie and Fikayo setting up

These beautiful messages lie within Dozie’s art and we hope any visitors coming to Swansea MAD will come along to view his pieces and reflect on these messages. We are thrilled to be collaborating with Dozie by exhibiting his work and we feel incredibly fortunate that he has chosen to display his collection with us.

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