Glimpse Collection – Artwork by Paula Denby

Swansea MAD are delighted to have another incredible artist displaying her work in our High Street Office. We now have the beautiful Glimpse collection on display by Paula Denby. Paula is a Welsh artist, poet and singer who finds inspiration for her work whilst being in nature. A lot of her work, whether song, poem or painting, is frequently created on her mountain walks, wild sea swims and outdoor meditations.

a selfie of paula

Paula Denby

The collection aims the provide a glimpse into the artist’s world with five paintings: Trees, It Began With a Bee, It Began With a Bluebell, What I Gave You and Blossom, alongside one of her poems. She aims to share the beauty of her experiences in nature through her work. Paula is passionate about protecting our environment and has utilised art and storytelling to deliver workshops in various settings, such as the National Eisteddfod and the Environment Centre.

Paula also has a copy of her book ‘The White Bird’ on display for visitors to read. The book, which is being used internationally in school due to its important anti-nuclear message, is a long poem alongside original illustrations. It has received plaudits for its heartfelt nature and beautiful exploration of environmental themes.

3 poetry books on a white table

To find out more about Paula and her work, visit her website:

Or follow her social media pages:

Instagram – pauladenby_art

Facebook – The Singing Paintbrush

YouTube – The Singing Paintbrush