Frustration – An Exhibition by Olivia Winter

Swansea MAD is excited to have not one but two brand new artists exhibiting their artwork in our offices. Our second artist that we have displaying their art is Olivia Winter, a 17 year old artist based near Cardiff.

Olivia has been studying art in education for the last six years and has described it as a “lifelong passion” of hers. When talking to her about the inspiration for her artwork, she told us “I’m forever inspired by portraiture and abstract art, typically favouring acrylic paint as my chosen medium. With my artistic style developing with each piece I create, I am hoping to explore surrealism’s presence in dreams as my next project, combining juxtaposition with the occurrence of food in the unconscious mind.”

Olivia’s exhibition entitled Frustration is a collection of three pieces created during her studies. She feels that there is a tendency for there to be “an expressive and almost messy element to each of [her] pieces”. There is a wonderful level of texture to Liv’s artwork which expresses her theme of ‘Frustration’ perfectly.

Liv Winter with her Artwork

“Here, the background on the portrait, the scrumples on the fist and the entirety of the third piece. I feel that this lack of perfection is what makes art exciting and more free, and I am continually inspired to add an expressive touch to each piece I create. The title of my exhibition is ‘Frustration’ as it is a theme present in each of these pieces, whether shown on the surface through anger, entrapment or something contrary.”

– Liv on her Frustration collection

Olivia’s artwork will be on display at the Swansea MAD office until Tuesday 25th October 2022.  We’re thrilled to have her Frustration collection up for visitors and participants of Swansea MAD to enjoy, and we hope to help provide a platform for her art.

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