Why choose Swansea MAD?

We work with organisations to create high-quality, bespoke and accessible digital products and services, including:

  • Website development, hosting and management
  • Videos
  • E-modules and online learning platforms
  • Virtual tours
  • Cybersecurity
  • Event management and facilitation

When you choose to work with Swansea MAD, you’ll be supporting young people and the community (at no extra cost).

We invest all of our income from work with organisations in providing pro-bono products, services and support to small charities and community groups, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to access them. 

Our approach is informed by our experience in the charity sector and close relationships with our communities, ensuring that our work makes the biggest impact. 

By choosing to work with Swansea MAD, you will enable us to:

  • Create digital products and services (including websites, videos, virtual tours and e-modules) free of charge for small charities and community groups, helping them to reach new audiences and increase their impact
  • Support people, small charities and community groups to develop their digital skills, increasing digital access and inclusion
  • Create employment opportunities, including for young people and non-graduates
  • Provide meaningful volunteering opportunities which support people and our communities to thrive

We are passionate about supporting organisations to deliver their Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy and will provide updates about how choosing to work with Swansea MAD has benefited young people and communities in Wales. 

For more information, please contact us.