Swansea MAD’s website tells you that they use creativity for social change. A lot of organisations make similar claims, but Swansea MAD are the real thing. Firstly they show genuine creativity, turning out imaginative work to the highest professional standard with the minimum of fuss. Secondly, their commitment to positive social change is genuine and deep-rooted. No organisation in Wales is more committed to informing and empowering young people. That’s always mattered, and right now it matters more than ever.

In October 2020 I approached Swansea MAD with an urgent design request. It was for a project close to my heart and I asked for something visually impressive, professional and completed very, very quickly. Within days, and well inside an unreasonably tight deadline, I got exactly what I needed. Their communication was swift, detailed and clear, and the end product was first class in every respect, far exceeding my expectations. It’s my pleasure to recommend Swansea MAD unreservedly.