Computer recycling for good.

If you have a computer you no longer require,  don’t throw it out!  There are two good reasons:

1. You may still have recoverable data on it that data thieves are always on the lookout for,  especially at skips and recycling centers. 

2. We can use it for spares to build new computers for those that really need them in our community, now more than ever before.

In thanks for your donations we offer two free services regarding the data left on your computer device. 

1. Where our software recovery is able,  we can recover any you required from your computer and place it on a USB drive or the cloud for you.  

2. If you don’t need any data from the computer we will do a deep clean of the drive ensuring the data can’t be restored and read by anyone in the future.  Alternatively, if you wish, we can physically destroy the data device and dispose of it appropriately.  

Simply get in touch with us and we can arrange a collection or drop-off time.