Charis Copp “Knees” 

Charis Copp’s artwork on display shows a pair of legs with bloodied knees, like when kids fall and get hurt while playing. It reminds us that trying new things can be tough, but not trying at all is even harder. 

Charis loves to explore bold and unusual art, especially how we feel about our own bodies. They use oil pastels to create images that might look strange but help us see beauty in different ways. 

Her art aims to make us think and feel, not just look pretty. It encourages us to embrace our imperfections, find strength in tough times, and celebrate the unique beauty within ourselves. Let’s discover the resilience of art together!

If you want to see more of Charis artwork, visit her instagram @dakimabloo.

Additionally, if you are interested in displaying your art at Swansea MAD please contact: