“Cabaret of Curiosities”

Come to Swansea MAD and explore Jade Price’s “Cabaret of Curiosities.”

Jade is a freelance artist who also currently works at the Glynn Vivian Gallery. She began drawing at the young age of 18 months. Back then, it was just a fun way for her to communicate with the world, but it eventually led to both a job and an opportunity to establish her own brand. Jade keeps her eyes open, allowing her to draw inspiration from everyday life.

In “Cabaret of Curiosities,” she presents pieces inspired by word prompts and objects discovered during museum trips from Cardiff National History Museum to the National History Museum in London.

The collection includes:

  • Prey
  • Disease

Both of these pieces originated from a seasonal set of four-part word prompts from the Inktober Challenge.

  • Snow

This work was inspired by a fascinating fact that mammoths utilize their giant tusks to clear paths through snow.

  • Overgrown

This piece features a colossal tree ent, drawing inspiration from three sources: “Lord of the Rings,” rainforests, and a monumental Giant Tree Stump observed at the National History Museum.

Jade’s work can be admired on her Instagram account @jadeprice1507 and will be on display at Swansea MAD until November 7th 2023. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience it in person.

If you would like to showcase your art at the Swansea MAD office for free, please contact: sam@madswansea.com.