“Bottle Nosed Bob’s Bubbles and Troubles” by Jeff Phillips

Come to Swansea MAD and get to know the story of  “Bottle Nosed Bob’s Bubbles and Troubles”.

Swansea MAD is delighted to continue its brilliant relationship with artist Jeff Phillips displaying “Bottle Nosed Bob’s Bubbles and Troubles” – the illustrative story touching on the latest environmental concerns.

“The story starts with Bottle Nosed Bob basking in the warm sunshine safe in his beautiful blue lagoon. After he introduces himself he starts to tell the story of how he and Tara turtle went to look for Tara’s sister Tammy after she was swept away in the wake of a big ship. 

Together they search for Tammy asking sea creatures along the way if they have seen her. This takes them to a coral reef, and then out to the deep sea where fishing boats net their catches.On their journey Tara turtle explains how she has to be very careful when choosing jellyfish to eat, as plastic bags that float out to see can be mistaken for them. 

The two of them then encounter Marlon the marlin and Ted the tuna fish.Ted tells them that they were with Tammy and narrowly escaped being caught in the fishermen’s nets.

Marlon tells them that the people on board the fishing boat had dumped all sorts of rubbish over the side of the boat and explains how dangerous this is to marine life and how it causes pollution of our sees and beaches. 

Ted explains that Tammy was tired and exhausted and had then swam to the shore for rest. 

As Bob and Tara are near the shore they see two children in the water. The little girl is holding Tammy in her hands and on seeing them she releases Tammy into the water. 

Tammy joins Tara and Bob and they all return back to the safety of the Blue Lagoon.”

The story concludes with Bob thanking the reader of this story and encourages them to take care of their environment.

Jeff’s work will be on display at Swansea MAD until 1st November 2023. In the meantime, if you want to enjoy more of his work, you can find it on Instagram: @jeffrey.phillips.16 and Facebook: Jeffrey Phillips .

If you would like to showcase your art at the Swansea MAD office for free, please contact: sam@madswansea.com.