In this course, you will look at your personal finance and gain hints and tips for saving money. Through access to online resources, banks and people who can support you, there are opportunities to discuss your finances.  Throughout this course, there will be links to the website and videos for you to access.

There are lots of different resources and tools available to the public to be able to support you to manage your finances. Your bank will be able to provide useful hints a tips and if you feel you are in financial difficulty, talk to someone in the bank who may be able to advise you.


1. Watch the video

This lesson is to give you an introduction to the impact we are all having on the environment.  Watch the following video and make notes on what you see.



2. Use the carbon footprint calculator

Complete the following budget sheet to see how your income balances against your expenditure. Be real, honest and as accurate as you can.


3. Check out some useful websites on managing your money.


4. Take the Environment Quiz 

Just a few questions to show use that you understand the contents of the course.  Don’t worry,  if you don’t pass first time,  you can try again and if you require help,  we are here for you. 



[qsm quiz=3]